We’ve spent time with and filmed this guy Yukio who spends his life talking down jumpers and helping them put their lives back together! HERO! We need your help to make the film, check out our indiegogo page
Where you can watch a lovely teaser video we made about him.



A little while ago we started a podcast addressing pertinent issues of the times, like parallels between the royal wedding and harry potter, all the way through to questions like whether we ourselves are manly enough?

Take a listen and let us know if you want us to do more (and that’s an “if” not a “whether”…)


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You remember when we did that groundbreaking web series where we combined audience interaction, travel documentary and scripted content? Nope.

Well it was called Boxtick America

Go have a look so you can follow along with the rest of this blog post.

Ok, welcome back – thanks for your support.

Anyway, someone must have liked it, and that someone was the great trouser/pants company Dockers. And not just “yep, I like that” liked it, more like ¬†“here’s our money and a shit-load of free trousers” liked it, so as of this Thursday we are officially hitting the road again for another amazing adventure as … wait for it …


And not in the Brokeback mountain sense either (which is a small price to pay for your own gun) – we are going full Spaghetti Western in Wyoming on ‘the Hunt for Ole’ Smokey’

So tune in (you don’t need to do this with the internet) sometime in mid-July for the Boxtick America Cowboy Special!


P.S. Also, we have come up with a way of generating your cowboy name – take something you are good at and then your mother’s maiden name. For example, Jonny would be Photoshop Callahan and Tom would be Indecision Das (terrible cowboy surname). Comment on this post with yours, or not, I won’t take offense. Either or.

Doesn’t-give-a-shit Willams